Are We There Yet?

I’ll preface this by noting my writing is simply me processing the pandemic happenings of this spring, and if you don’t feel inclined to read one more thing about COVID-19, I certainly don’t blame you. I feel the same myself. Keep calm and carry on – or go read something else. I don’t know about […]

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WHACK. The sound of my log against the chopping block echoed through the empty forest and to the hill across the creek. It was definitely still winter up here. Only the evergreens showed color. Everything else along the valley was bare, freeing the sound to travel loudly from one hill to another. WHACK. I can’t

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The Family Nobody Wanted

“We Americans can’t keep one tenth of our population in an inferior position, just because their ancestors were once enslaved…and still be a healthy democracy. It isn’t Christian and it isn’t democratic, and most of us claim to be both.” – Carl Doss (Doss, 1954, p. 187-188) I read a delightful book recently, apparently somewhat

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