Personal Growth


To my faithful readers, Thanks for listening these past several years as I have processed my adoptive parenting experiences. Our family appreciates your support. In a few short weeks I will begin my law studies. The transition is a big one for everyone in our family. We anticipate it being a demanding season, and as […]

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I bounced my foot nervously, quickly glancing at the woman behind the desk, trying to gather anything I could from scanning her. Everything is fine. You are fine. You want to be here, remember? It has taken a long time to get here. If it doesn’t work out, you can simply leave. This is your

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Find Your Pace

I wrinkled up my brow, switched tabs on my browser, and opened up the lecture outline I was listening to. The instructor had completely lost me. Google, define domicile. What was this lecture even about? Subject-Matter Jurisdiction, oh yeah, I forgot. I was in way over my head and could hardly make sense of anything

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I recently parted ways with a new(ish) friend. I had really hoped we would hit it off, but in a nutshell, we didn’t. And for all my best intentions, I couldn’t seem to find my way into her busy, nebulous schedule. I couldn’t convince her to commit any time to friendship-building. The ambivalence surrounding these

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