Mental Health

Find Your Pace

I wrinkled up my brow, switched tabs on my browser, and opened up the lecture outline I was listening to. The instructor had completely lost me. Google, define domicile. What was this lecture even about? Subject-Matter Jurisdiction, oh yeah, I forgot. I was in way over my head and could hardly make sense of anything …

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But “What If?”

Do you ever play the “What If” game? You settle down for the night and then, instead of sleeping, you parade a variety of scenarios through your head, working through some of the possible outcomes. Eventually you may start tweaking smaller variables. You might begin with thoughts of the upcoming private school enrollment, and work …

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A Winter of Solitude

Zzzzz. My left wrist vibrated. I took in another deep breath. Thud, thud, left, right, left, right. My feet went onward into the darkness. The early morning winter air was crisp, but refreshing. I wonder what mile that was? I didn’t check. I still felt new to smartwatch technology, but embraced the spontaneity it offered. …

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