Cathy Ginder


To my faithful readers, Thanks for listening these past several years as I have processed my adoptive parenting experiences. Our family appreciates your support. In a few short weeks I will begin my law studies. The transition is a big one for everyone in our family. We anticipate it being a demanding season, and as […]

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The Birds and the Bees

“Where do babies come from?” It’s that age-old question we parents often dread. Our family has been fielding variations on this inquiry for years now. We finally had the official ‘sex talk’ with all six kids whilst sitting around the kitchen table recently. Any child who watches a mother or family friend’s belly expand throughout

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Three Gifts

There seems to be a general consensus here in the United States, and I suspect, most anywhere, that those of us who are parents want our children to have the opportunities we had, and then some. I came to ponder this again after a breakfast outing with a friend. We were discussing – not for

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100 Days of Hell

Hmmm, is this a yard sale? I slowed the van a bit and squinted at a fence near the road ahead. Balloons of all colors and shapes were hanging there, bobbing back and forth with the movement of the breeze. What is even going on here? We were meandering along a back road near our

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The shadows of tall North Carolina pines flickered quickly past on my right. The morning was cold and crisp as we sped up I-95 northbound. A scene played in front of me in my mind’s eye. I saw our five year old dashing out into the Gulf of Mexico before I hardly had a chance

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I bounced my foot nervously, quickly glancing at the woman behind the desk, trying to gather anything I could from scanning her. Everything is fine. You are fine. You want to be here, remember? It has taken a long time to get here. If it doesn’t work out, you can simply leave. This is your

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